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Note already - and this is not nothing - that the Parrinet Farm is surrounded by no less than 6 villages classified as "Most beautiful villages in France". This is to tell you if the reasons for getaways are beautiful!

  • ST-MARTIN-LAGUEPIE and LAGUEPIE : At the confluence of the Viaur and the Aveyron, "Siamese" villages, borders between Najac, Cordes and Saint-Antonin, St-Martin-Laguépie and Laguépie are nestled between land and water. These villages live to the rhythm of the bi-weekly market, the Occitan summer university, as well as the many village festivals, including the unmissable Chestnut Festival!During the summer season, the bathing arranged and supervised on the Viaur makes everyone happy.

Market : Wednesday and Sunday morning. Fair every 3rd Tuesday of the month (these weeks, Wednesday market moved to Tuesday morning).

To see: swimming, the Lou Viel Castel castle, the Rouergue Retro-Vehicle Conservatory-workshop (RVR)

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  • CORDES-SUR-CIEL (13 km from Ferme Parrinet): One of the "" Most beautiful villages in France "". Medieval city which is one of the highest places of European heritage!During your visit, travel through a history of almost 800 years... Take to the heights in the cobbled streets, where the sumptuous residences with sculpted facades magnify Gothic art, enjoy the many craftsmen's workshops and galleries... Here, art and culture come in all their forms!

Market : Saturday morning

To see: Charles Portal Museum (history and heritage of Cordes-sur-ciel), Museum of sugar and chocolate arts by Yves Thuriès, Museum of modern and contemporary art, Museum of embroidery…

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  • ALBI (37 km from Ferme Parrinet): Omnipresent, the red brick of Albi sets the tone. Delicate pink in the morning, powerful orange under the beating summer sun or madder red in the evening. The brick offers a palette as lively as the history of the city.Episcopal city of Albi has been listed as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco since July 2010. Saint Cécile Cathedral is the largest brick cathedral in the world. Majestic and imposing it is visible from everywhere. An essential architectural ensemble.

So many ways to visit Albi: historical, family, dramatized, quirky visits... There is bound to be a visit to Albi that will leave you with unforgettable memories:

The Albi City Pass :

To see : Toulouse-Lautrec Museum : The most important public collection in the worldof works by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, including 31 posters by the lithographer painter, can be found in Albi. Housed in the prestigious setting of the Palace of Serbia. ( )

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  • ST-ANTONIN-NOBLE-VAL (24 km from Ferme Parrinet): Medieval city in the heart of the Gorges de l'Aveyron, it is a regional center recognized for the practice of outdoor activities. Not to mention the many craftsmen, the charm of its narrow streets and its famous Sunday market.

Market : Sunday morning. Famous and very popular.We advise you to get there early enough because it is not always easy to park.

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  • NAJAC (13 km from Ferme Parrinet): Najac is one of the " Most Beautiful Villages in France ". Dominated by its royal fortress, this charming medieval town overlooks the gorges of the Aveyron. 150 meters from the Aveyron gorges , the village of Najac will surprise you.

To see: The royal fortress, the fountain of the consuls, the governor's house, the gate of the Spade, the Church of St Jean-l'Evangéliste.

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Market : Sunday morning.

  • GAILLAC (37 km from Ferme Parrinet): Its many monuments (St-Michel Abbey, St Pierre Church, Place du Griffoul, the mansions of Yversen and Pierre de Brens, the Château-Musée des Beaux Arts de Foucaud, etc.), its parks and streets full of life make it an essential stop on your itinerary in the Tarn. Gaillac gave its name to the vineyard that surrounds it. The reputation of Gaillac wines is well established and the visual and taste discoveries are numerous. Wander the Chemins de la Vigne, meet the winegrowers, taste the reds, whites or rosés... You're going to love them!

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  • BRUNIQUEL (36 km from Ferme Parrinet): On the border of Quercy and Rouergue, at the end of the Gorges de l'Aveyron, Bruniquel watches over the valleys of the Aveyron and the Vère from the top of its castles. For lovers of ""pre-historic history"", we cannot forget to mention the Grotte de Bruniquel which was frequented by Neanderthal man…

We should also add that Bruniquel, before becoming one of the "" Most beautiful villages in France "", was one of the filming sites (with Montauban), in 1975, of the famous film "The Old Gun" by Robert Enrico. An exhibition is devoted to it in one of the rooms of the castle.

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The mystery of Bruniquel Cave:

  • PENNE (29 km from Ferme Parrinet): Charming village, called eagle's nest or citadel of vertigo, Penne stands like a silent sentinel above the Gorges de l'Aveyron, between Albigeois, Quercy and Rouergue. The winding streets of the village have kept the atmosphere of yesteryear and will lead you to the castle. Built on a rocky outcrop, this medieval building is a place whose origins date back to the time of the knights and lords of the Middle Ages. This unique site in Occitania, preserved and fascinating, is aimed at both walkers and experienced medievalists.

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  • PUYCELSI (47 km from Ferme Parrinet): From the top of a rocky plateau overlooking the Vère valley, the fortress of Puycelsi watches over the forest of Grésigne. Behind more than 800 m of ramparts, stone, wood and brick houses from the 14th or 15th century are revealed and the walkway offers superb views of the surrounding landscapes. Classified in the same way as many sites in the department, Puycelsi is one of the "" Most Beautiful Villages of France "". The village is adorable, it's true, but the forest of Grésigne (bleeding liking) is a splendid and wild forest.

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  • MONESTIES (25 km from Ferme Parrinet): 20 kilometers north of Albi, Monestiés, one of the "" Most Beautiful Villages of France "," has settled in a loop of the Cérou that an old stone bridge straddles a few steps from the old fortified gate marking the entrance to the village. If the chapel of Saint-Jacques no longer welcomes pilgrims to Compostela, it contains within it exceptional furniture including a 15th century altarpiece made up of 20 polychrome statues.

  • CASTELNAU DE MONTMIRAL (38 km from Ferme Parrinet): Another one of the "" Most Beautiful Villages in France ""!As its name suggests, the village is part of the castelnaux, agglomerations built by lords in the dependence of their castle, it was built around 1222. Of the six doors opened in the ramparts, only three remain today ; as for the castle erected in the 13th century, it was destroyed during the revolution. However, the walk inside the compound is lovely. The picturesque town hall square is lined with houses with various facades, cut stone, half-timbered, brick, leaning on stone or wood covered