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12 Jul 23

L'Asinerie d'Oc cosmetics

I am very happy to introduce you to the soaps and cosmetics of the Asinerie d'Oc. This is the donkey factory near Albi where our Nanous come from 🐴❤️. These products are just crazy! They smell so good, are so soft and are suitable for sensitive to allergic skin.

You will be able to take advantage of the small welcome soaps in the bathrooms of the guest rooms. These cosmetics are among the various local products made available to you in the communal kitchen so that you can leave with your favorite products.

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10 Jun 23

Our aquaponic greenhouse

At Ferme Parrinet, last year, we made an aquaponic greenhouse 🐟🌿.

I will explain to you in a few words what aquaponics is: small 🐟 in a large bin do 💩 in the water. This water comes to water and fertilize the 🌿 which take their fertilizer and clean the 💧 which returns clean to the 🐟.

All in a closed circuit ♻️.

The advantages of aquaponics: no water wastage, no added fertilizer, no weeding.

The disadvantages: the manufacture of the installation which is a bit technical, maintenance requires a little time but ultimately frankly, it's fine. And above all, these 🤬 slugs that manage to climb into the bins and eat my 🍓...

It seems that it takes 2-3 years to balance and master the installation. Last year was quite successful. This 2nd year had a complicated start with the need to completely empty and clean one of the pools, but things seem to be off to a good start.

In parallel,I make a small vegetable garden, especially for the cucurbits which take up a lot of space. I am far from my Grandpa's magnificent vegetable garden but, there too, patience. I do my little experiments, I gradually expand...

This year, I'm testing melons 🍈 and watermelons 🍉 and I've installed small fruit trees (raspberries, currants, mulberries, physalis, rhubarb and even blueberries.... 🤤).

To be continued

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26 May 23

MY Best Blacksmith

And here is the long-awaited table of the common kitchen of the guest rooms!

As usual, it's ""Made with Love in Parrinet"". Straight out of the golden hands of my darling. Stable, sturdy, matches the kitchen, easy to clean, suitable for Persons with Reduced Mobility in wheelchairs of course… and what's more, it looks fabulous!

A little wink ;-) to the friendly group of 8 cyclists from Toulouse who, a few days ago, attended with great philosophy and good humor the gradual collapse of the temporary table on which we had served meals and breakfast ;-) . This one is not ready to collapse...

I can't wait to serve you breakfast on this lovely table.

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18 May 23

A look at the inner courtyard

We are fortunate to have an interior courtyard in the center of the main buildings of La Ferme Parrinet.

And what a space!!!

You will always find a corner of shade there or can enjoy the first rays of the morning sun, always sheltered from the wind... The ideal place for a bit of a chat, a small drink, a rest in the hammocks or a quiet taste. a salty board...

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03 May 23

Another "Made with Love in Parrinet"

And here is a little ""Made with Love in Parrinet"" that you have already seen on the photos of the common kitchen of the guest rooms.

It's a cabinet bought fifteen years ago that had no more space since our move. However, I wanted to make a coffee cabinet to be able to present the espresso machine and the kettle which allow our tenants to prepare a good coffee, a tea or an infusion for breakfast or at any time of the day.

A few hours of stripping, 2-3 structural modifications, a lick of varnish and paint, laying the remaining kitchen tiles, installing a light fixture and some storage… and you're done!

Everything finds its place...

#armoireàcafé, #DIY, #MadewithLoveinParrinet, #DuCoeurdanslouvrage
21 Apr 23

Our latest "Made with Love in Parrinet"


We have found a 1st use for all these small salvaged planks. We made it the coffee table in the common living room of the guest rooms.

A board found on the construction site, these boards used by the sawmill during the delivery of the purlins and rafters of the box, wood glue and some nails


the genius of my blacksmith from Chéri


a coffee table which will allow you to put books, coffees or glasses nicely for our tenants of the guest rooms!

#tablebasse, #boisetmétal, #DIY, #MadewithLoveinParrinet, #DuCoeurdanslouvrage